The American Museum of Natural History

Also known as AMNH, is a wonderful place to visit whether your schooling, looking for fun or just visiting NYC. It’s a great place full of fun and exciting exhibits. It’s also one of M’s favorite places to explore. We are always finding new exhibits (or new to M) to look at. Even with the intent to focus on certain subjects, we also do more learning. I as his mom love watching his curiosity light up. I love how many questions he asks and that he takes charge of his exploration (even if it means we rush to get some fuel before going back into the amiss of the exhibits). We go often enough that we know the popular permanent exhibits but today we discovered their learning room. The Discovery Room is a 40 minute session (free exploration). It’s located in the back of the lower level. You need to go through the biodiversity and forest room and make a right by the mosquito (you can’t miss it) and just as you see the big ship you make a left.

What’s great about AMNH is that there’s something for everyone. M’s favorite exhibits are Dinosaurs, Butterfly Conservatory, Pacific Islanders, Ocean Room and African Mammals. We recently discovered the African people, Asian People, Human Orgins, North Coast Indians and the Hall of planet Earth (not the same as planetarium but right around the corner).

Does this mean that I’m highly recommending a trip, why yes we are. I do wish there were specific classes for homeschooling but they have scientists visit to interact with kids, different movie exhibitions and short experiences. They even offer camp too. I haven’t found any worksheets specific to the museum but I’ve made my own based on our focus. This particular trip was Dinosaur and Geology based. If your interested in seeing it comment below.

“Curiosity in children is but an appetite for knowledge.” – John Locke