The Best Lemon Bars Ever

I forgot how delicious these lemon bars were. I came across my old recipe a few days ago, having had a lot of lemons sitting around, I knew I just needed to make these again. I’ve been craving lemon like crazy recently too. It’s so refreshing and makes me feel like it’s summer.

Anyway the story behind our lemon bars is that when I, Chef Alex, was young, I was on a soccer team for Manhattan Kickers in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I became good friends with one of my teammates Guilletta. She and I hung out almost every weekend we could. Even our mom’s were best friends for a while. They used to go to Ikea in Brooklyn to have breakfast over looking the Statue of Liberty and play scrabble (or up words, which is a variation of scrabble) before shopping and coming home. It was there I learned my love of IKEA style Sweedish Meatballs, love of the Statue of Liberty, fairway (a grocery store chain) and Steve’s Key Lime Pie.

I remember our pre teen years of hanging out in Guiletta’s apartment hanging out, baking and just having some great girls time. A much needed girls time with our mom’s. One of the best things we made were these lemon bars. I did adjust it since those times so please enjoy.

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