The Jungle Book Movie Night

It’s a king of the jungle type of #Movienightfriday, swinging in with fun of Jungle animals in The Jungle Book set in India.

We began by mapping out where India is on the map. Then we read The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling on audible.

We then made traditional Indian meals and explored Indian culture through books, music and virtual tours.

We had so much fun also singing along with the movie and dancing because thats what us Disney Peeps do.

We hope you have as much fun as we did.



DIY Jungle Book Shirt

“I’m here in Los Angeles ready to walk the red carpet tomorrow night for Disney’s The Jungle Book! We started our trip this evening with an early screening of the movie at the AMC Prime theater in Burbank. It was the perfect opportunity to rock the awesome DIY Jungle Book shirt I made.” – Karen


Cauliflower Manchurian Recipe (Gobi Manchurian) – Healthy Recipes 101

Cauliflower Manchurian Recipe

“Our cauliflower Manchurian recipe features baked cauliflower with a tender interior and crispy exterior coated in a delightful sweet and sour sauce.” – Luna

Instant Pot Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe – Healthy Recipes 101

Instant Pot Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe

“Our Instant Pot chicken tikka masala is a quick and effortless version of the authentic Indian staple. The dish features bite-size chunks of chicken slowly simmered in a rich and spicy tomato-based sauce.” – Luna

Naan Bread – Spend with Pennies

Prepared naan bread wrapped in a towel

“The dough is quick to prepare and once it has risen, it’s quickly panfried until golden. It can be used as a dipper, a wrap, or even as a pizza base!” – Holly

Coconut Shrimp Curry – Spend with Pennies

Shrimp Curry on a bed of rice

“Shrimp Curry is a delicious restaurant dish that you can easily make at home. Tender juicy shrimp is simmered in a rich coconut curry sauce” – Holly


Indian Butter Chicken over rice in a dark brown dish

“Instant Pot Indian Butter Chicken recipe that can be made quickly and easily in the electric pressure cooker. This rich spiced chicken and sauce makes an easy weeknight meal that’s perfect over rice.” – Kate

VEGETABLE KORMA – I heart eating

Vegetable Korma in a skillet next to a bowl of cashews and piece of naan

Vegetarian Indian dinner recipe! This Vegetable Korma is an easy, healthy, vegetarian dinner recipe that’s made in just 30 minutes – the perfect weeknight meal for meatless Monday or any other night!” – Kate

Chana Masala – Instant Pot – The Pypers Kitchen

Chana Masala Instant Pot

“This Chana Masala for the Instant Pot is 30 minute comfort food that tastes like you slaved away all day but what you really did was drink coffee and watch reality TV until you realized you might actually have to feed the fam. Right? Don’t let it just be me.” – Joni

Frozen Samosa And Kachori In Air Fryer – Culinary Shades

Air Fryer Samosa

Frozen samosa and kachori can be cooked in different ways by baking in oven, deep frying in oil, and cooking in air fryer. Check out this quick and easy recipe to cook frozen samosa in air fryer. Air frying time will depend on the size of frozen samosa, whether it is large or mini samosa. Air fryer frozen samosa is one of the easy recipes to try if you are new to using the air fryer.” – Alpa

Indian Fruit Custard | Fruit Salad – Culinary Shades

indian custard in a bowl with fruits

Indian custard or fruit salad is a 3 ingredient eggless dessert recipe made with custard powder. Seasonal fruits are topped with creamy custard sauce which can be made effortlessly in an instant pot or on stovetop.” – Alpa

Corn Cheese Balls In Air Fryer – Culinary Shades

Cheese corn balls in a plate with ketchup in the background.

It is easy to make corn cheese balls in air fryer. They are absolutely delicious and just melt in the mouth. They are perfect for parties,potlucks, get-together and a true crowd pleaser.” – Alpa

Nan Khatai – Indian Cookies – Culinary Shades

nankhatai served in a tray topped with candied fruit pieces.

Nan khatai is a popular Indian cookie and is served as a snack with tea. This is an easy recipe to make nan khatai at home in the oven or in the air fryer.” – Alpa


“This Indian Butter Chicken is rich, comforting and perfect. Made in an Instant pot, this classic Indian dish has the perfect amount of heat and spice. Served best with homemade naan bread for dipping up all the delicious sauce!” – Kaylen

HOMEMADE NAAN BREAD – Butternut and Sage

“This homemade naan bread is so delicious and so much better than store bought; plus its so EASY! Perfect served alongside Indian dishes that are extra saucy.” – Kaylen

Potato Bonda Recipe (2 Ways) | Aloo Bonda – Spoons of Flavor


“Potato bonda recipe 2 ways both deep-fried and non-deep-fried method with step by step photos: Aloo bonda or potato bonda is a South Indian street food delight. A popular tea time snack or monsoon snack, wherein spiced mashed potatoes coated in a thick chickpea flour batter and deep-fried until golden and crisp.” – Geetanjali

Easy Paneer Pakora Recipe | Paneer Pakoda – Spoons of Flavor

paneer pakora on a white plate with green chutney in a bowl

“Super easy paneer pakora recipe that everyone can make in a jiffy with a few common ingredients. These are delicious and extremely addictive. The recipe is with step-by-step photos, tips, and tricks.” – Geetanjali

Tikka Masala Pizza (With Chicken or Vegetarian) – Babaganoosh

Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza.

“If you have leftover Chicken Tikka Masala, then you’re going to want to make this Tikka Masala Pizza with Naan bread! This pizza takes less than 10 minutes to put together and transforms leftover naan and leftover tikka masala into the most delicious Indian-inspired pizza.” – Kate

Air Fryer Tandoori Chicken Kebabs – Babaganoosh

Tandoori chicken kebabs on a plate.

“Looking for healthy air fryer recipes? Make these Tandoori Chicken Kebabs in the air fryer! They’re very flavorful and so easy to make. You will love how the outside gets all crispy and caramelized and the inside of the kebabs is nice and tender thanks to the Greek yogurt marinade.” – Kate

Paneer Satay (Air Fryer, Baked, and Grill Instructions) – Babaganoosh

Paneer satay on a plate drizzled with peanut sauce.

“If you’re looking for something different to try for dinner, then this Paneer Satay with Peanut Sauce is it!! Flavorful paneer cheese is tossed in a tasty, easy, seasoning mix, then cooked to crispy golden perfection and served with the tastiest peanut sauce for dipping.” – Kate

My Favorite South Indian Dinner Recipes – Mommy Snippets

South Indian Dinner

“If you’re looking for Easter dinner recipes packed with flavor, you really need to try my favorite South Indian dinner recipes to make each Easter.” – Marina

The South Indian Beef Fry Recipe You Won’t Be Able To Resist! – Mommy Snippets

“If you’re looking for a beef fry recipe packed with flavor, punch, and pizzazz, this right here is just what you’re looking for!” – Marina

Where to Buy Wagyu Beef on Sale for This Easy Indian Beef Recipe- Beef Keema – Mommy Snippets

“I love cooking Indian food and admit that I’ve found ways to make a recipe quicker to whip up to get onto the table faster. If you’ve been looking for Indian beef recipes on my site, you will know my authentic South Indian Beef Fry is a big favorite. Another recipe my family is served with different additions to the pot is my easy peasy Beef Keema recipe. But before I share the recipe, I have to ask, where do you buy your meat from? Where do you order your Wagyu beef? But most importantly where do you buy Wagyu beef on sale?!” – Marina


Baby Potato Fry

“Baby Potato Fry – Is an easy and simple recipe made with small potatoes along with few spices which are readily available in our kitchen. It is a spicy and delicious roast which is usually served as a side dish along with rice, chapati/roti.” – Pavani


chole masala

“Chana masala, also known as chole, is a delicious Indian chickpea curry made with onions, tomatoes, and spices. Learn how to prepare chana masala in an Instant pot or stovetop pressure cooker. It is a healthy protein-rich vegan and gluten-free curry.” – Pavani


Chilli Garlic Paneer

“This Chilli Garlic Paneer is a quick and easy starter which you can prepare within 30 minutes. Chilli garlic paneer is prepared by grinding Kashmiri chillies, garlic pods along with vinegar, salt and then sautéed with onions and bell peppers.” – Pavani

Jungle Fruit and Veggie Trees Snacks – Safari Themed Food – Honey and Dime

Disney's Jungle Book Food Ideas - Fruit and Veggie Trees Snack

“These jungle fruit and veggie trees are such a fun snack to make for your safari party theme food, and also for watching Jungle Book movies! If you are looking for Disney’s Jungle Book food ideas, this is the perfect one.” – Deanna


“Paneer Jalfrezi is a colorful vegetarian stir fry made with cottage cheese, vegetables like onions, tomatoes, green peppers, and powdered spices. It is a simple and healthy recipe that’s quite popular with paneer lovers everywhere. Ready and on the table in 20 minutes!” – Saima


“A chicken malai tikka recipe for soft, juicy kababs on skewers that will simply melt in your mouth. Tender pieces of boneless chicken are marinated in a unique blend of yogurt, cream, cheese, papaya and spices and cooked on a grill or oven. Perfect for an outdoor barbecue or luncheon.” – Saima


authentic butter chicken recipe

“This Authentic butter chicken (Murgh Makhani) will satisfy your cravings and is a delicious, spicy Indian chicken dish with a creamy tomato sauce. What makes this recipe even better, is that it is a 30 minutes meal and is an Instant pot Indian butter chicken recipe” – Emily


White Vegetable Kurma

“Indian food typically means heavily spiced curries but there are some lovely subtle and mild versions that deserve a special place in our hearts and tummies. White Vegetable Kurma is a quick cooking family favorite for many years” – Amita

Daal Palak | How to make Indian Palak dal recipe? – The Flavor Bells

daal served with chapati

“This daal palak is an authentic north Indian style palak curry recipe. Daal means lentil, and palak means spinach. Dal palak is an Indian vegetarian palak recipe where Dal or lentils are cooked with spinach.” – Meenakshi


“Bombay aloo – also called Bombay potatoes is a popular dry dish prepared with boiled baby potatoes, flavoured with an aromatic spiced tomato-based sauce. This naturally vegan, gluten-free and nut-free Indian spiced potato dish is super easy to make with minimal ingredients and prep time. One of the best Indian potato recipes that come together in under 30 minutes and makes a perfect side dish, appetiser, or a great dish to serve your guest at a party. ” – Geetha

PANEER KORMA – Flavours Treat

“Paneer Korma is a creamy curry made with Indian cottage cheese, coconut milk and spices. This classic gluten-free paneer curry goes well with naan bread or any flavoured rice.” – Geetha

Healing Indian Eggplant Hummus – Strength & Sunshine

Healing Indian Eggplant Hummus | Strength and Sunshine @RebeccaGF666 A hummus that heals! This Healing Indian Eggplant Hummus is a perfect blend of roasted eggplant, chickpeas, and Indian spices like turmeric. It's gluten-free, vegan, and fat-free, making it a delicious snack recipe for dipping or spreading!

A hummus that heals! This Healing Indian Eggplant Hummus is a perfect blend of roasted eggplant, chickpeas, and Indian spices like turmeric. It’s gluten-free, vegan, and fat-free, making it a delicious snack recipe for dipping or spreading!” – Rebecca

Easy Dairy-Free Indian Butter Chicken (Gluten-Free, Paleo, Allergy-Free) – Strength & Sunshine


Quick, easy, and healthy! This lighten-up Dairy-Free Indian Butter Chicken is gluten-free, paleo, and top 8 allergy-free! A delicious dinner recipe starting with a simple coconut yogurt marinade, then cooked right in a single skillet with a creamy tomato-based sauce!” – Rebecca

My Favorite: Chana Masala- Strength & Sunshine

Chana Masala

“In celebration of “successfully” completing last week, which included: tests, tests, exams, and culminated with the SAT, I decided to go all out on my stomach and make my most favorite dish of all time. I though it would be nice too for my GF Anniversary that was coming up and a nice addition to the tests I have been putting my stomach through. Even though this is my favorite dish, it is just so dangerous to eat with my stomach. Tomatoes, spices, and beans. But when in Rome India, just go for it. And having a dish like this once in awhile, especially since my stomach has seemed to have gotten stronger, was totally worth it. And finally, Indian food is the best celebration food in my opinion. The smells, colors, flavors…o everything about it; my favorite cuisine!” – Rebecca

Vegan Butter Chicken (Indian Butter Chickpeas) – Strength & Sunshine

bowl and skillet of vegan butter chicken

This easy recipe for Vegan Butter Chicken is a plant-based version of the classic Indian dish that’s completely dairy-free and made with chickpeas! These healthy Indian butter chickpeas are gluten-free, allergy-free, marinated in creamy yogurt and fragrant spices; finished in a single skillet with a tomato-based sauce in just 10 minutes!” – Rebecca

Delicious, Easy, & Authentic Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe – Cuisine & Travel


“You may think, with all the complex flavors, an authentic Chicken Tikka Masala recipe would be complicated to make at home. However, once you own the right ingredients it is incredibly easy to create this dish.  Indian cuisine is absolutely delicious with rich creamy sauces that go perfect over rice or served with a toasted piece of Naan bread for dipping. I especially love all the bold flavors, aromatic spices, and bright photogenic colors.” – Sondra

Indian Curried Ground Meat Samosas – What a Girl Eats

Indian Curried Ground Meat Samosas - Get the recipe on

“Indian curried ground meat is a dish that is full of flavor! It’s a hearty dinner that is quick, easy, and inexpensive to make. You can use the ground meat to make samosas, and I’ll show you how!” – Cynthia

Indian Fire-Roasted Tomato Rice – The Pypers Kitchen

Indian Fire-Roasted Tomato Rice

“Hoo boy do I ever love this tomato rice. I made a big batch of it for dinner with those chicken skewers I made a few days ago (linked at the bottom of the page) and then I just didn’t stop eating it. I’m still eating it. And just FYI, because I know you’re wondering… it does make a pretty darn fine breakfast!!” – Joni

Easy dabeli/samosa pinwheels (baked/air fried)- Lime Thyme

Baked dabeli samosa pinwheels

“These dabeli/samosa pinwheels are the perfect bite sized appetizer. They are baked/air fried and turn out super flaky and crispy with an amazing melt in the mouth filling. The dabeli filling is tangy, sweet, spicy, crunchy and a total treat for your taste buds! What a perfect appetizer/party snack! You have to give this recipe a go!” – Viola

Peanut chaat – Lime Thyme

Peanut chaat

This easy roasted peanut chaat is loaded with so many textures and flavors – sweet, sour, tangy, spicy, and crunchy. It is such a delicious and nutritious snack/salad and is so quick and easy to put together. It is also totally vegan and gluten free! You will love this easy recipe” – Viola

Samosadilla (Samosa quesadillas) – Lime Thyme

Samosadilla samosa quesadilla

“Samosas meet quesadillas in this Indo-Mexican fusion, Hello Samosadillas ❤ These samosadillas are the perfect combination of spicy and savory samosa stuffing layered with 2 delicious chutneys and melted gooey cheese inside large tortillas before being pan fried to perfection! The outside gets beautifully browned and crispy and the inside is perfectly seasoned and delicious, just like a beautifully made samosa. What’s not to love?” – Viola

Egg puffs – Lime Thyme

Egg puffs 1

These south Indian style egg puffs are made by wrapping perfectly boiled eggs and and a flavor packed onion filling inside flaky puff pasty parcelsThey are so quick and easy to make, only require a handful of ingredients and are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of chai! They also make the easiest appetizer to serve at parties, you will love this easy recipe ” – Viola

Masala fries – Lime Thyme

Masala fries

“These masala fries are so addictive! Crispy oven roasted/air fried French fries tossed in a spicy and tangy sauce and topped with the most fun garnishes, what’s not to love! They are made from everyday pantry ingredients and make the perfect appetizer, side or snack” – Viola


Baloo's Honeycomb Cupcakes for The Jungle Book

“It’s been a few months since I’ve created fun character inspired cupcakes. After screening the Jungle Book, I was inspired by a film sequence featuring the extreme lengths Mowgli and Baloo go to acquire honey. Check out these adorable Jungle Book cupcakes!” – Karen


Jungle Book Inspired Red Flower Fruit Tray

“Who else has been waiting MONTHS to watch The Jungle Book at home??! Q and I LOVED seeing it in theaters and we couldn’t wait to show it to daddy and E. Disney kindly sent us an early copy and we had a fun movie watching party last weekend. Everyone loved it, including papa and great grandma!” – Karen

Indian Crispy Onion Fritters – What a Girl Eats

“Onion fritters with cilantro mint dipping sauce are one of my favorite appetizers. Indian spices give the fritters beautiful color and taste.” – Cynthia

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