The Rescuers Movie Night

It’s #movienightfriday and we are doing a double feature of The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under, both on Disney +.

So we focused mostly on geography with this lesson. The first movie, The Rescuers, began in New York City and the Mice traveled to the Bayou of Lousiana. The Mice were part of a rescue aid society which was set up just like the United Nations.

This gave us a great lesson on politics and how foreign diplomacy works. There is a program for middle school, high school and college kids to participate in called Model UN. I do highly recommend it as you meet amazing people, travel to the United Nations and really get to see and work on projects. I participated in Model UN for 3 years in my own High school years.

Then with the second film, which was The Rescuers Down Under, the mice are back but now traveling to the Outback of Australia. So we mapped out where Australia is, what animals lived in the outback and made traditional Australian food along with tradition Louisanian food to full fill our menu.

We hope you enjoyed this lesson as much as we did.

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large bowl of chicken sausage gumbo with rice

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