Transformers Movie Night

It’s another #Movienightfriday and this week we are having fun with a Transformers Movie Marathon. Now I’ll be honest I don’t have a whole lot planned for this lesson in terms of meals because we are on the mend from Covid and a Family Emergency so we kept it simple and just had leftovers.

That being said, we did use Transformers to learn more about robotics, engineering in cars and if it was possible to have cars able to drive themselves. The videos below are some of the resources I used with my kiddo.

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Robot Party Ideas – Waco Mom

“For my oldest’s 7th Birthday, I spray-painted a bunch of boxes, lids and other things, silver and gold, and also collected metal parts like springs and bottle caps and then set the kids at them with tape, glue and and Velcro strips to make their own robots. ” – Gale

Robot Favors – Waco Mom

“We also made robot shaped crayons for party favors at my son’s Transformers Party.  They were a big hit” – Gale


“Several years ago my son came home with this hand-made Robot valentine.  It would also make a fun party favor. ” – Gale

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