White Chocolate

Back in February we covered a whole month about chocolate but didn’t really dive into white chocolate. Since it is white chocolate day, we might as well learn about it right?

So ultimately white chocolate is a lack of cocoa solids. The solids are pressed out separating the cocoa butter and and cocoa solid, which is later processed further into cocoa powder. White chocolate is mainly cocoa butter with some added milk solids, sugar and on occasion a flavoring such as almond or vanilla.

While white chocolate is looped into the chocolate realm, it is not really chocolate. However, as a chocolatier, we still use white chocolate and temper it just like milk and dark but at it’s own range of temperatures.

While most don’t like the taste of white chocolate, and who can blame them, it does still come in handy. Especially when plating desserts, molding or creating chocolate sculptures.

Aren’t those really cool chocolate ideas? What else do you think White Chocolate can be used for? Let us know down below.

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