Why let kids cook?

Kids cooking is not something new but it seems to be a weird concept. Many families have kids helping in the kitchen while others cater to their children. Let’s start with the Latter.

Catering to your child the Good, the bad and the Ugly

It’s natural to do things for your kids, especially at such young ages. It’s not a bad thing so please don’t feel guilty. We all want what is best for them. We want them to grow up strong, healthy and independent but that’s the problem. By catering to them all the time, we don’t teach our children the necessary skills to survive in the world.

We need to teach them how to grocery shop, what’s healthy vs not and portion sizes. Kids need us to show them how. They want to be able to do it. If we don’t start teaching them then they will turn out like the “millennials” that order in or do take out all the time. (That is a whole other issue we will explore).

Another pro is that your child won’t be underfoot and mess up the meal your cooking. (Never had this last part happen but I’ll admit that Matthew gets on my nerves sometimes. )

The ugly part is for sure the milennials but also that they will have unhealthy eating habits. They won’t want to try new foods, they will struggles at resturaunts and will waste their money.

Have I caught your attention?

Great, so now on to what actual life skills children learn while being in the kitchen.

  1. Math, yup we do lots and lots of math. Cooking is about measuring, counting out what you need. Fractions are mostly involved but so is multiplication and division when your doubling or having a recipe.
  2. Learning to read, cooking encourages reading. Not only do you read the recipes in cookbooks (libraries have many you can try or check out our Pinterest) but you can read regular stories and come up with something fun and different.
  3. Eat more and healthier, yup you read that right. Your encouraging your child to taste new foods but your also showing them how to cook it properly and how much per a portion.
  4. Creativity, as they get older they can get more and more creative with recipes, make things harder. Movie nights are especially great for experimenting.
  5. Bonding, food is in every culture at the heart really. The best memories are in the kitchen and surrounded by family love and a side of food.