Winter Activities

With winter right around the corner and this Pandemic not really slowing down (take cautions that is best for you and your family), there still aren’t a whole lot of options. Winter blues, the cold and cabin fever all add to the pull on our bodies and feeling the homeschooling slug. Now I have mentioned this on our Facebook group in the lives, but its very real and okay. It is natural and doesn’t mean you are failing. All parents and teachers, heck all adults feel it. Even the kids. It is okay to take a pause on your curriculum and go with the flow (a reason I love unschooling).

Personally I have a love hate for this time of year. I thrive inside due to my auto immune disease but my kiddo loves the outdoors, especially the cold and the snow. We try to make it a goal to get out for at least 30 minutes for fresh air. There are some outdoor activities like sledding, ice skating, walks, window shopping you can do, especially being in the city. The great thing is that you have more options too. There are museums, events and so much more. But if you are like me, you avoid that this time of year anyway because of the crowds. So here is a list of general winter based activities you can do with you kiddos that are still educational. You can also check our other lessons like in Movie Nights, Minecraft and Cooking.


Winter Mittens Craft – In the Playroom

“January and February always seem to be so cold! Perfect weather for this simple winter mittens craft.” – Anna and Luciana

Easy & Adorable Paper Plate Snowman Craft for Kids : Paper Plate Snowman Scene – In the Playroom

“This snowman paper plate craft is a fun and simple Winter craft for kids, that makes use of recycled bottle tops. What a great way to use up these materials for a cute Christmas craft rather than throwing them in the bin.” – Anna and Luciana

DIY Snowflake Decor to Celebrate the Rest of Winter – Artsy Karma

“Just because Christmas and all the other holidays are over doesn’t mean we can’t keep making fun decor for the winter season.” – Artsy Karma

Snowman Wreath: Perfect for Winter – Angie Holden

“You can make a snowman wreath for your door this winter. I always struggle with decorating in that awkward time between Christmas and spring. What type of wreath do I add to the front door? I thought this snowman wreath was perfect for that time. It would work for Christmas as well actually so next year you can hang this one up after Halloween or Thanksgiving and leave it up for months. That is my kind of decor! This one was originally posted over at Crafts Unleashed where I am a paid contributor but I am posting it here in case you missed it.” – Angie

How to Paint With Snow – Two Kids and a Coupon

“With some cardstock, brushes and of course some snow, you can create a craft day to remember with your kids. Here is how to paint with snow.” – Kim

Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner – Kelly’s Classroom Online

“Winter is almost here in the northern hemisphere and many children are learning about animals and animal adaptations such as migration and hibernation. I recently discovered a book that works really well for an integrated science + art + language arts lesson. It’s called Over and Under the Snow and is written by Kate Messner. It’s an excellent book for teaching about hibernation, which animals hibernate, and which ones don’t. Keep reading to learn more!” – Kelly

Snowman Hat Matching Activity – Little Ladoo

“This snowman hat matching game is a great way to entertain kids from ages 2 to 5. Because this printable has activities with 2 difficulty levels.” – Madhumitha


This free printable ice skate template is so much fun. Use it to do puffy paint, tempura paint, watercolors, glitter, or crayons!” – Audrey

How to Spread Kindness with This Winter Kindness Challenge – Coffee and Carpool

“This Winter Kindness Challenge is a fun and simple way to encourage our kids to spread kindness this winter. There are 4 activities for December, January and February.” – Nicole

Fun and Simple Snowman Project Perfect for Classroom Holiday Parties – Coffee and Carpool

“Need a simple yet fun snowman project, that is winter-themed to make with a group of children? This is perfect for teachers, homeschoolers, and room parents who need winter-themed ideas for classroom parties.” – Nicole

How to Spread Kindness With These Snow Activities for Kindness – Coffee and Carpool

“Use these snow activities for kindness that are perfect for kids to spread random acts of kindness and happiness this winter. ” – Nicole

Mix n Match Stone Snowmen – In the Playroom

“This month, my Kids Craft Stars friends and I are back with another fun craft challenge. Since it’s the middle of winter now, we couldn’t resist trying out some cute snowman crafts. We have a huge collection of stones that we have been collecting on each trip to the beach, so I decided to put them to good use and let the kids make snowmen with them for this simple mix n match stone snowmen activity.” – Anna and Luciana

Penguin Painted Rocks – The Soccer Mom Blog

This adorable family of Penguin Painted Rocks are one of our favorite winter painted rock ideas and an easy kids craft for all ages! They make a uniquely cute Christmas painted rocks set too!” – Stacey

Rock Painting Mix n Match Stone Snowmen – In the Playroom

“We are back with another fun winter craft idea for kids. Since it’s the middle of winter now, we couldn’t resist trying out some super cute and easy snowman crafts, using rock painting.” – Anna and Luciana

Cooking and in the Kitchen

Christmas Sour Cream Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting – Saving Talents

If you’re looking for a recipe for perfect sugar cookies this holiday season, then we’ve got you’ve covered! These delicious but easy Christmas sour cream sugar cookies with a cream cheese frosting are light and fluffy, and they are perfect for cutting into fun shapes with cookie cutters!” – Phillip and Tiffany

Hot Chocolate Surprise + STEM Activity – Kelly’s Classroom Online

“Teachers are always on the lookout for fast and easy science experiments to complement what their students are learning from their textbooks.  Sometimes science textbooks are dry and not very interesting… even when they are introducing interesting subject matter!  Science experiments are a fun, hands-on way to bring energy and excitement to your lessons.  If you are looking for a science experiment that is easy to prepare and conduct, educational, and with a high interest level, give Hot Chocolate Surprise a try.  Hot Chocolate Surprise appeals to students of all ages and meets a number of objectives.  It’s an especially fun activity for those cold, dark days of winter.  Read on for a list of materials needed, directions, a free printable, and a (yummy) extension activity.” – Kelly

Snowman Slime – Crafts by Amanda

“Sparkly iridescent glitter gives the look of snow in this snowman slime project! You’ll only need a handful of supplies for this cute craft.” – Amanda

Gingerbread Decorating Party with Gluten-Free Gingerbread Pudding Cake – The Vivacious Life

“This gingerbread decorating party is sure to give all your guests more holiday spirit. It is full of fun and easy ideas to make your own gingerbread houses and so much more!” – Channdice

Hershey’s Kisses Christmas Tree – Everyday Gifter

“Feeling crafty this Christmas? You will have a blast making these Hershey’s Kisses Christmas trees!” – Annie

Snow Dough Recipe only 2 ingredients! – Busy Little Kiddies

“An easy 2-ingredient Snow Dough recipe, cold as snow, soft, crumbly, but easy to press and gather into a snowball like real snow! Bring winter into your home with this easy sensory dough recipe safe for toddlers.” – Carine

Fluffy Snow Slime Creates Winter Fun Even On Warmer Days – Kids Activities

“Some winter days are still warm in Texas, but it doesn’t have to be cold outside to play in the snow with this fluffy snow slime recipe! This fluffy snow slime is not only fun, but a way to feel more festive in the winter, especially when winter refuses to come for some of us.” – Britanie

DIY Play Dough Snowman Kit Gift Tutorial – Tikkido

“Making play dough snowmen is a great activity no matter where you live.  Maybe you live in a snowy place, but just want a fun indoor activity.  Or maybe, like me, you live in a hot and snowless place, and want to create a bit of winter-themed fun.  Either way, these snowman play dough kits are a hit! – Nikki

How to Make A Snow Storm In A Jar – Fun Science at Home – Honey and Lime

“Learn how to make a snow storm in a jar, right at home! We are sharing this fun snow storm science experiment for you to try with your family, courtesy of Little Passports.” – Deanna

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