WWE in Minecraft

It’s Monday again which means that we are back with another #minecraftmonday lesson. Okay so this one is less learning and more fun. My kiddo has been obsessed lately with watching WWE matches. Everything from 1 vs 1 to teams, money in the bank and cage matches. He absolutely has his favorites. I’m not sure why we find it so entertaining that these grown men and women beast on each other.

That being said, I found this mod which is a replica of a WWE Ring. We explored in minecraft and watched one of our favorite matches which I will post below. I will have a post soon ( in the next month or so) about how to use WWE for homeschooling. I would say you could talk about wrestling is a sport and what it would take to get to the top.

You could also talk about the costuming in terms of art as well as their scripted smack talk to get the audience riled with emotions. Anyway here is our favorite match. We know this was an unusual lesson but hope it was inspiring in some way.

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