Zoo Virtual Field Trips

Since we cant go out and visit places physically many places like zoos, aquariums, museums and more have put up webcams and created virtual tours. I have gone in an organized each by that criteria. In fact many already had webcams and tours long before this quarantine. Check out these awesome webcams below.


This is one of our favorite websites which is why I put it first. It has documentaries about animals as well as live and recorded webcams based on season. They continue to add more and more which is why we always go on to check. Some examples are Eagles, Elephants, Penguins, Sharks, Jellyfish, Puppies and way more. They work in coordination with certain zoos and preserves around the world.

San Diego Zoo

While you can’t tour the whole zoo. Most of the cams are live. The only recorded is Panda which features highlights from January to April 2019. The other webcams they have are Baboons, Penguins, Polar Bear, Ape, Koala, Giraffe, Butterfly, Elephant, Tiger, Burrowing Owl and Condor cam.

Smithsonian National Zoo

Unfortunately the National Zoo only has a few cams available but they do have an educational packet and activities paired with the live cams, which feature Naked Mole- rat, Lion, Giant Panda and Elephant.

Houston Zoo

The live cams that available are Giraffes, Gorillas, Elephant, Leafcutter Ant, Rhino, Chimpanzee and Flamingos

Maryland Zoo

Another Zoo with a few webcams but they have Penguins, Giraffes, Flamingos, Lions, and Goats.

Memphis Zoo

Like the last two, the Memphis zoo only has select cams but they feature Pandas, Elephants and Hippos

Kansas City Zoo

Featured are the King Penguin, Gentoo Penguin, Polar Bear, Giraffe, Asian Small- Clawed Otter and Bornean Oranguton

Dublin Zoo

Featured are the Elephants, Penguins and African Savanna.

Edinburgh Zoo

The live cams featured are Pandas, Penguin, Tiger, Koala and the Rockhopper Penguin

Atlanta Zoo

The only cam they have available are the pandas

Zoos Victoria

Tree Kangaroos and Echidnas were special guests from Healesville Sanctuary but otherwise the only cam available are the snow leopards.

Wildlife Trust

The Wildlife cama featured are Osprey, Garden Birds, Badger, Seal, and Red Squirrel.

Folly Farm

Giraffes, Penguins, Lions and Barn are the four webcams available.

Reid Park Zoo

Elephant, Giraffe, Grizzly, Lemur and Lions are the fun webcams available.

Turtle Hospital

Minnesota Zoo

Tapir, Snow Leopard and more

Science of Sled Dogs

Sharks 4 Kids

Wildlife Earth.tv

Take a live safari at wildlife Earth

National Geographic Safari Live

National Park Service