Zootopia Movie Night

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It’s #movienightfriday and we are having a fun time with Zootopia. Now there are great Easter eggs (references) we love to find them, you can purchase our The Disney Pixar Connection Book, which allows a new fun way to watch the movies and cover film history and theories.

Now what is great about Zootopia is that there are so many lessons when it comes to social justice issues as well as predator vs. prey. Starting with the latter, Predator vs. Prey is part of nature. We used the following videos to learn how it works in science.

Of course there are some rare moments where predator and prey can live peacefully, just like in ZOOTOPIA. Now moon to the social justice issues that Zootopia covers, which are stereotypes, discrimination, prejudice.

We began breaking down each of the meanings, then gave samples for understanding and how to react/respond in situations.

We added other activities and a fun zoo inspired menu to our night, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.



Free Printable Disney Zootopia Coloring Pages

“Walt Disney Studio’s Zootopia arrives in theaters next month and it looks so fun. Seriously, have you seen the “Official Sloth Trailer” from the Zootopia? Anyone that has ever stepped foot in a DMV will laugh because it’s spot on. Now the kiddos might not appreciate how funny that part of the movie is but they will appreciate these fun printable Zootopia coloring pages.” – Karen


Zoo Trail Mix – Loving Homeschool

Zoo Trail Mix

“The kids will have great fun mixing up this simple but delicious trail mix with fun animal themes for a day at the zoo! They will have even more fun eating it!” – Cindy


How to Make Zootopia Donuts

“Did you see Zootopia this weekend? I’m guessing most of you will say yes because Disney Animation had their biggest opening of all time, topping even Olaf and his FROZEN friends! We celebrated today with some Zootopia donuts, I know Officer Clawhauser would approve. 😉 Just in case you haven’t seen the movie yet, watch the clip below before scrolling down to see how I made our cheetah-inspired Zootopia donuts.” – Karen


A loaf of sliced blueberry banana bread.

This recipe for blueberry banana bread is a moist loaf of the classic sweet bread that’s chock full of juicy blueberries. It’s the perfect snack or dessert option and can be frozen for later use!” – Sara

BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE – Dinner at the Zoo

Blueberry smoothie in a glass with a straw.

“This creamy and refreshing blueberry smoothie is made with juice, yogurt, frozen blueberries and banana, all blended together into a frosty drink. An easy and delicious way to start off your day!” – Sara

Our Favorite Triple Berry Smoothie – Low Carb Spark

serve easy berry smoothie

“This is our favorite berry smoothie recipe to enjoy for breakfast or as a quick refreshing drink during the day. Frozen berries are blended with avocado, almond milk, and Greek yogurt to create this low carb, perfect the go meal.” Ioana

Keto Blueberry Scones with Lemon Glaze – Low Carb Spark

These Keto Blueberry Scones are perfect for a quick breakfast or snack. Enjoy these moist scones with juicy blueberries that are topped with an exquisite sugar-free lemon glaze. Their texture is fantastic: crispy edges, soft, tender, and buttery - melt-in-your-mouth scones.

“These keto blueberry scones are perfect for a quick breakfast or snack. Enjoy these moist scones with juicy blueberries that are topped with an exquisite sugar-free lemon glaze. Their texture is fantastic: crispy edges, soft, tender, and buttery – melt-in-your-mouth scones.” – Ioana

Perfect Yeast Doughnuts (Donut Recipe with 3 Fillings) – Christina’s Cucina

Classic sugar yeast donut on top of pile of other donuts

Perfect yeast doughnuts are easy to make at home if you have the right recipe. You now have that recipe in your hands (or on your desk). What are you waiting for?” – Christina


three peaches and cream popsicles surrounded by ice cubes and fresh peaches.

“If you are looking for a fun sweet treat for summer, then I have you with these peaches and cream popsicles! The most simple recipe that combines sweet peaches, coconut milk and a touch of honey. A vegetarian, gluten-free and low histamine snack that will go down well with kids and adults alike I think.” – Claire


blueberry hemp smoothie in a glass with a spoonful of hemp in front of it.

“This blueberry hemp smoothie is bright and fruity, and packed with plant-based protein for a healthy breakfast or snack. Easy to make, it is vegan, gluten free (using suitable oats) and a low histamine smoothie” – Claire


blueberry pear smoothie in a glass with pears in the background.

“This blueberry pear smoothie combines sweet fruit with oats and hemp for a healthy and very delicious breakfast smoothie. Made without banana, it takes just a few minutes to come together and is a vegan, gluten free (using suitable oats) and low histamine recipe.” – Claire


person holding a blueberry thumbprint cookie with a wire rack of cookies in the background.

“These blueberry thumbprint cookies are a fun sweet treat and actually quite healthy too! With an oat-base and blueberry chia jam, they are vegan, gluten-free (using suitable oats) and a low histamine recipe.” – Claire

How to Make Easter Breakfast Special – Attachment Mummy

“How are your plans for Easter coming along?  A fun breakfast is perfect for making sure you kick off a ‘cracking’ Easter Sunday.  Will you keep it simple with a toasted hot cross bun or one of Asda’s cute bunny-shaped crumpets, or go all out with a themed recipe?  We have some fun Easter breakfast recipes for you here to make Easter breakfast extra special.  Just make sure the Easter Bunny doesn’t eat them before you and your family do!” Leta

Vegan Carrot, Coriander & Quinoa Burgers – Attachment Mummy

“If there’s one thing we need to thank America for it has to be the glorious burger, with all its over-stuffed, bun-filled madness.  (Although the Australians seem to be taking that to another level these days with towers the length of a man’s hand and all kinds of extras!)  But here is a delicious vegan, gluten-free burger which stays together well, and tastes delicious.  Enjoy!” – Leta

Turmeric, Carrot & Watercress Soup – Attachment Mummy

“This classic warming soup is perfect for cold nights and warming lunches.  Not to mention being fantastically healthy, good for you – and full of flavour.  This vegan soup combines the freshness of watercress, the sweetness and earthiness of carrot and the warmth of turmeric.  Perfect for a quick immune boost at this time of year.” – Leta

Turkey Burgers – ifoodreal

turkey burger recipe

“Juicy and flavorful healthy Turkey Burgers with 5 simple ingredients. These lean burgers made with ground turkey will disappear as soon as they come off the stovetop or grill. Sumptuously moist, smack-your-lips and the best turkey burger recipe on the web!” – Olena


Overhead view of baked tofu nuggets in a black casserole dish with a side of ketchup.

“These Tofu Nuggets are easy to make and call for 8 simple ingredients. They bake up super crispy and they’re totally kid-approved! Serve them at parties, movie night, or snack time along with your favorite dipping sauce. They are irresistible! ” – Melissa

BLUEBERRY MOCKTAIL – Through the Fibro Fog

two glasses of blueberry mocktail with a blue bowl of blueberries in the background.

“This blueberry mocktail is fruity and fun, and a decadent non-alcoholic drink perfect for parties and special occasions with friends and family. Made with minimal ingredients, it’s easy to make and suitable for kids and adults alike.” – Claire

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